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Why Buy an Air Conditioner?

Prices of Air Conditioner Units have dropped considerably over the years, making them more accessible to all and more practical for cooling or heating your office or home. New designs and technology make it possible to buy an Airconditioner that is affordable, attractive and cost effective to run.

AC Consumption

New Airconditioners don’t use as much AC power as older units, but it is important to consider how much electricity your Aircon is going to use. If the BTU is calculated correctly this will be very beneficial to ensuring maximum power efficiency.

BTU Strength

The strength or cooling capacity of an Airconditioner is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units). With Airconditioners, BTU is used to calculate how many BTU’s per hour the product can add or remove from the air to effectively perform its task.

Aesthetic Design

Airconditioner’s are no longer clunky and ugly. Today you can buy an Airconditioner that is Hot like a Super-Model, but cools you like a Cucumber. Colours and shapes are created to aesthetically enhance your decor.

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There is a misconception in this industry where people believe they should buy an Airconditioner that has a higher BTU rate than what they require. Too low a BTU rate will result in your airconditioner not reaching the desired level of cool. However, too high a BTU rate could result in the unit cooling to quickly, forcing it to cycle on and off too often thus placing strain on the compressor.

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