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Aircon Repairs

Our Aircon Repair Service is available for all major brands of Airconditioner’s supplied in South Africa. Our technicians are well trained and equipped to handle almost any air conditioner repair job. We are qualified to repair most types of home and office installed air conditioners.

Provision of Aircon Repairs in Cape Town

Aircon Repairs and Replacement Parts

Your Air Conditioner is made up of mechanical and electrical components which are subject to wear and tear like most mechanical devices. The number of operational hours and the environment in which it operates plays a major role in how long it takes before an Airconditioning unit ‘breaks-down’.

A regular Aircon Service can dramatically reduce break-downs, but component fatigue or mistreatment, will result in failure at some stage. When this occurs it is highly recommended to use a qualified Aircon Repairer to assess and repair the faulty unit.

We supply and Install AllianceAir Air Conditioners
Sales and Installation of LG Airconditioners
Distributors and Installers of Midea Airconditioners
Authorised Samsung Air Conditioner Installers and Supplier

Why Use a Professional Aircon Repairer?

Air Conditioner units consist of many moving and electrical components all housed within very tight spaces. The body or framework of most aircon units can be tricky to work within and it is very common for the inexperienced to break hidden clips and fragile parts.

We know how to access and replace faulty parts without damaging the housing and experience has taught us which components are the usual culprits.

We have the experience and all the tools to carry out the job. We also know where to source the required replacement parts at the best prices.

If the manufacturer trusts us…
Shouldn’t you? *

* Approved repairers of a number of Airconditioner brands (not all)

Qualified HVAC Technicians

Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired?

We Repair all Airconditioner brands using manufacturer approved replacement parts.
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